Make your takeout standout
& feel great about it!
All while increasing your sales.

Reach a whole new demographic of conscious consumers.
Keep your food warm in the most sustainable and conscious packaging.
Ensure your delicious meals are enjoyed just as the chef intended!

Partner with us today!

Introducing Toronto's First Low Waste Takeout App!

That's right, we're making takeout stylish & sustainable!

Restaurant Partner Benefits

It really is a system built for heroes!


Save the planet & the money you are currently paying for disposable containers  

We remove all the risk for our restaurant partners by creating a system with no initial investment. 

Bonus...50% of users make a purchase when returning a borrowed container!


Be a sustainability pioneer in Toronto. Your restaurant will receive tons of free PR and word of mouth promotion.

Connect with new demographics
and reach conscious consumers in the city.

We will promote your business on all of our communication channels.

6000+ members on our mailing & events list


You are supporting a better tomorrow for your children and grandchildren.

You are leading the way for Toronto's restaurant industry while co-creating a better planet for all!

You’ll have access to your individual environmental impact in real time so you can share it with your family, clients and the world!

How Does It Work?

Great question! It's really as easy as 1-2-3!

Receive Orders
Through Inwit's App

Torontonians looking for zero waste takeout
will order ahead on our app. You'll then receive and accept the orders on your end.

Prepare Orders For A Contactless Pickup

You'll prepare the orders, placing them in our reusable containers for pick-up by customers.

Engage With Your Customers Again

You gain the interaction back with your customers and they will enjoy a delicious, warm, zero waste takeout experience.

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Book a time to learn more today. Limited spots are available for Inwit's pilot!

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