We are dreamers,

We are humans,
We are professionals,
We are students,
We are entrepreneurs,
We are disruptors,
We are innovators,
We are part of the solution,
We see the things differently,
We question things we do every day that are “normal” but that don’t make sense,
We are rebels that think we can all change the world together,
We are dreamers AND doers,

We want to live in a world, where a dynamic and conscious humanity is living and working in harmony with nature.

What if our grandchildren never knew what single-use containers were? What if Toronto had only two bins for waste — organic and recycling, and we didn’t send anything to landfills or our oceans? What if, in the end, THERE IS A WAY to enjoy life without compromising our ecosystems? Isn't it worth a try?

The Humans Behind The Vision

We believe there is a way of modern living without compromising our ecosystems.

Erika Reyes


In 2015, a bird changed my life forever when I decided to watch the documentary "Bag It", a film focused on plastic pollution. One image, in particular, has become imprinted in my mind since that day: a little seabird, full of plastic. Each piece was colourful and branded, and I recognized them all. In an instant, I realized my impact and the impact of my industry.

As a Marketing professional, my job was to take a "product" and influence someone to purchase it. The truth is, little to no thought was spared for the environmental or social impact of that product; that was someone else's responsibility -- It's always someone else's responsibility.

In 2019, I chose to leave the marketing industry. I quit my job and founded a startup, Wisebird, intended to tackle single-use plastics. I led the implementation of 3 pilot programs for reusables here in the city. The last pilot project, Wisebox, was Toronto’s first reusable container program and provided me with great insights.

Today, at inwit, I am using all the learnings, my skills and passion to make sustainability more accessible, understandable and exciting to all.

Adrianna Couto


Social justice has been at the heart my journey from an early age. In 2018, while working with the Ontario Council for International Cooperation, I came to realize the intersection between social justice issues, and the environment. Everything that was of significance to me was dependent on a healthy, thriving planet, and this was the moment my focus shifted. 

In Spring of 2019, I launched Beaches Reduces, a grassroots BYO program with local food establishments in my neighbourhood. A member of the Toronto Reduces Network and Green Neighbours Network, Beaches Reduces was created to encourage a reduction in single-use takeout waste.

Following a summer of community outreach, I realized there was a huge disconnect between our personal choices and the impact they have on our planet. In September of 2019, I launched Collective Impact Journey, a social venture aimed at creating fun and inclusive eco-inspired events around climate issues here in Toronto.

Today I am working to make sustainability irresistible to all Torontonians, and I couldn't be more thrilled to be taking on this direction!

Where It All Started

A message from our CEO

At Inwit, we all have something in common, we have become environmentalists by accident. One day, we realized that all we cared about in the world was interconnected with a healthy planet; this was when we began to accept accountability and take action over our personal choices. We implemented little changes, reduced our plastic consumption, and changed our lifestyles completely. Although this felt great, we were also feeling quite isolated and anxious about the way the world works today. We believe that if each of us commits to doing more, we can change the world; that individuals and corporate actions can bring about positive change in society. So, long story short, we decided to come together and use our skills to push a circular economy with you! We thought we knew a lot about sustainability, but we discovered that as consumers, we only saw a fraction of the big picture! We have learned so much about humanity, sustainability and our planet. Through our efforts and past initiatives, we failed, we grew, we engaged with many green minds here in the city (some just starting their journey, and some who were already advocating for a better future). We have discovered that everyone wants to do more! However, sustainability is a challenging journey to embark on alone. We are so grateful to have this lovely community of Torontonians embarking with us to make the world a better place, to be part of something that has the potential to impact positively millions of people in the future.

Thank you for being here,
Thank you for supporting our mission,
Thank you for daring to dream with us for a better tomorrow,

Erika Reyes

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